Mori Girl - Forest Girl - Nemophilist

What is a Mori Girl?

Mori Girl, generally means "Forest Girl" or "Girl of the Forest". Altho' it very much has an old European, Celtic, Rustic, and American Parries, feel, it originally comes from Japan. It evokes the them of a dreamer kind of girl that is in touch with nature, whom roams around the forests, woods, and nature, lives in cabin, or home stead, and communes with nature, or spirits, fairies, or day dreams. But, there is also an Urban version, or yuppy version.

Mori Girls have a love of photography, and hand made things.It often evokes a feeling of remembering the hand made knitted or crocheted items from your grandmothers, or even making items yourself, or old school house Victorian or Edwardian attire.

It can be neutral toned, pastel colors, earthy colors, faded colors, but can also by Hippie-ish, and very Boho Chic, and Bohemian.

The girls are often among flowers, plants, trees, cottages, but also on the Urban Streets of Japan, Italy, London, Paris, or Canada, etc.

Mori girls like to drink tea. Anything from English style with milk & cakes, to Japanese, or Chinese, or even Korean cafes, or a French or Italian coffee house cafe.

Mori Girls tend to have a more child-like whimsy, or child-like earthiness, yet also very dreamy, or emotive. There is no one set style, but there are a number of innovators of the style.

What is a Nemophilist?

It's nothing dirty, because some people assume wrongly that it's something to do with "nymphomania".

A Nemophilist is someone that enjoys walking among trees, in the woods, and exploring forests, nature, and wildlife. Often associated with ideas like "communing with nature".

Nemophilists are specific to Forests and Wooded areas with trees, and NOT bamboo forests, swamps, or meadows.

Nemophilists are NOT limited to male or female, nor age group, and has no specific ideology. Generally it is just people whom enjoy woods & forests, and landscapes with lost of trees. Nemophilists often can be explorer types, botanists, campers, hikers, bikers, photographers, artists, laymen or scholars, pioneer personality types, or laid back personalities.

People whom spend time in wooded areas often express a feeling of well-being. This can often be attributed to "negative ions" which are produced by buds on plants and trees especially in the Spring. Negative ions are very healthy for the human body, and even in artificial trails have shown to uplift the mood and feeling of well-being in subjects.

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