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Boho Chic Decor can be any number of things to any number of persons.

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It generally refers to a Westerner person whom is very open to cultural diversity, with a love for international items, which would usually be seen as not fitting together in their original places of origins. It can be very eclectic, and there's no right or wrong. However, in the Eastern part of the Globe they have the same equivalent of Boho Chic decor which often includes Western motifs that can range from Victorian motifs, Country Western themes, to collecting antiques from the 19th & 20 Century from Europe or North America including Mexico, Canada, Caribbean Islands, and the USA.

It's a Fusion Artform of decor, often for the poor, the thrifty, vagabonds, recyclers, but also used by the wealthy in City affluent areas as art, hence why it is often called "chic".

Some people collect antique or vintage items such as books, records, music boxes, jewelry boxes with antique items, or arrange re-purposed items by DIY crafting and recycling. It often has a Hippie vibe, but can range from colorful to muted or earthy colors.

Some people have been very negative and judgmental of this and might refer to it as "cultural appropriation" or "orientalism" and dislike the mixing of cultural blending and mixing, or dislike an openness to appreciating different periods of time throughout history, or challenging the status quo.

This is probably due to some abusive consumerism of "yuppies" that ignorantly use things to decorate, or show off a hollow sense of status, rather than actually learning about what they are doing.

It should be noted that many countries today are a mixture of cultures. The United States is referred to as "the melting pot", but many countries in Asia are a vast mixture of cultures blended together. We are now entering the Globalism period of the Earth, where the entire global economy is connected, as is the access to all information everywhere at once. Music is shared from countries that are even enemies.

We all came from the same origins, so it's only natural that we are curious about ourselves and our differences.

Decorations could range from nature and plants, to rocks, stones, tree branched, eclectic items from travels, sentimental gifts, ding ware, lighting, and could be fanciful or even minimalist and muted, as well as seasonal. New with old, expensive with cheap. East with West. Digital with analogue.

Its very common to include religious items, or spiritual motifs, into the decor, often from cultures different than the decorator... this might be part of the reason why some people are so hateful towards whom collect and arrange a fusion of these kinds of styles and often call it things like "ignorant" or "cultural appropriation". This is not to belittle the actual subject of cultural appropriation, which in some ways has ACTUALLY hurt or dis-empower whole groups of peoples, but this is one instance where criticism can be way overblown.

But, the collecting of items and arranging a room with them is hardly an aggressive act wielded to harm people, especially if you are a person whom has traveled the earth.

It's understandable to bring up sweat shops, and child labor, but persons whom tend to have an eclectic mix of items, is usually the type of person whom would be against these kinds of things anyway.

This is also not some type of new concept. It's very old. Scholar gardens in China were a style of art in which the salt traders whom had special privileges to buy and sell salt would collect unusual shaped rocks, and arrange gardens based on Chan/Zen, or Taoism, but also Buddhism from India.

In Olde England, they often mixed several cultural things and remade them into their own culture such as mixing in French culture, Saxon culture, and even the Arabian 3-6 course meals, styles of making tea or coffee, dining ware, using spices, or incorporating Dutch or Turkish items.

Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, and Hebrews also often mixed with cultures.

I personally am descended from Apache on my Mother's side and Apache often had a plathera of clothing styles, and enjoyed changing clothes, decorations, and and ideas from many other nations, ethnic groups, and more.

There is no motive of malice here.

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