Sunday, February 15, 2015

Senior Prom 1998 Blue Silk Feng Huang Chinese Phoenix Qipao dress

So, like the typical Free Spirit that I am, my Senior Prom was the one I went all out for. I sold all kinds of fund raising stuff, just to pay for my Prom Tickets, and Photos.

Senior prom is supposed to be THE BEST PROM, and THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE...

However, mine was a DISASTER.

To start with, I had been planning my gown since October... and I wanted something entirely unique, however, when I showed up at the prom half the girls were wearing a Qipao also, but usually it was black, red, or black and red.... so, at least mine was this lovely blue, with embroidered Feng Huang (Chinese phoenixes). But, that doesn't sound TOO BAD, now does it, right?

Well, it gets worse. Not only threats of violence, but death threats, several girls threw their drinks on me, and my date, and my date (whom was my friend Bill) got his tire slashed with a razor.
I was also accosted by an angry mob of raging girls in the lady's room that were raving loons, and were accusing ME of being crazy. I think they were on PCP or something.

Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.
Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.

I LOVE these platform shoes! I still have them! I bought them at SEARS back when they actually sold great products.

I bought this matching bag at a local hippie store in Rancocass Woods, NJ.

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I purchased this qipao at a shop in Pennsauken, NJ. The lady told me "this dress was made for you." and I paid in cash. 
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Originally, I had wanted to ask a coworker of mine to the prom with me, but he left and went overseas, and worked in Asia & Europe. He told me to my face that he would return in May, and that his father was dying of cancer. He also asked me to call him, but never answered the phone, and YES I made sure the time zone was correct. He also asked me to e-mail him often, but he never returned my letters, even tho' he used to fill up my inbox since I knew the guy...

So, since he wasn't returning, and my actual boyfriend was in Germany, I thought about asking some of my other coworkers... but, one had a new girl friend every few weeks, the other guy I knew one of the girls had a deep crush on, and would kill me, and anyone else was already going to their own Proms at their own high schools.

So, I asked my friend Bill to go with me again, since I went with him the year before.

Anyways, at least I got to go to my Prom, and I also I didn't die.

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