Saturday, February 14, 2015

天天喜气羊羊!Happy Chinese Lunar New Year! Sheep Year 2015

Happy New Year of The Sheep!

Here's more of my Wuxia makeup photoshoot. Nice and weird!
If you want to see the other frames from this photo shoot check the other entries from this month.

It's the Year of The Sheep, or sometimes translated as goat, or ram. because the word is called "yang" 羊 which just can mean a sheep or a goat. So, if you order mutton in China, you might be eating goat, or sheep. Who knows?

Well, this is my Guonian, my year. I'm a Sheep person. But, I tell you, I am no Sheeple. I'm not dossile, or airheaded.
I've read untold things written about this Zodiac, and they don't all agree about what it means. Allegedly one of the things I read was that people born in the year of the sheep were more of a craftsman than an artist, and I wanted to tear up the book, and smack whomever wrote such trash! Also, because I read that I STOPPED doing "crafts" altogether, until I had my daughter. That same book also said that Sheep people never do anything, never go anywhere, and never travel, and that they're homebodies, boring, bland, play it too safe, and whine all the time about nothing, and do nothing to help the outer world.

Utter rubbish! I've been all over the world, have a pioneering spirit, and am a multi talented artist. I'm also a Gypset, philosopher, and a protestor.

But, as the years have passed, I've read other books about Sheep people, and they always sound good. Like creative, open minded, caring, good with family, family minded, intelligent, and many good characteristics.

However, there's this superstition, which is newer in China, that Sheep people are doomed to a poor life. So, on years when it's the Sheep they have the lowest birth rate fearing their one and only child will be cursed. This is a totally NEW concept, because in the 20th Century I'd never heard of such a thing. In fact, I couldn't find any materials about this dating back last century.

Well, my daughter & I are both born the Year of the Sheep. And, so in my brother-in-law's wife in China. 

Since it's our year, we;re supposed to wear red for protection, and jade. It's a big deal in China. Also, if it's your birth year, everyone is suppose to give you money, and stuff.

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