Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sakura Boho Chic Mori Girl Gypset in New England [Red] 002

I shot these a few years ago. I think maybe in 2014. I already forgot. My hair was very thin from malnutrition, and sometimes you can see my scalp on here. I also had surgery before this.
This was a VERY cold photo shoot, and the wind stung my eyes. Spring always seems to be especially difficult anymore to get anything worth shooting in New England.

The clothes are all items I got from JCPenny, and the tribal silver earrings. But, I made the necklace myself.

It's made of agate, hand made glass beads from the Czech Republic, and various silver beads from either Indonesia, China, Mexico, or India.

My eye makeup is almost entirely NAKED3 by Urban Decay, and possibly a little bit of Too Faced.
I think the eyelashes are probably by Ardell. I like Ardell, I think they're great. they're also affordable.

I lost ALL of these photos, the entire set, because a malware virus destroyed my hard drive. the only reason I still have these now is because of Google. But, everything else from this set is gone forever.

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