Boho Chic

What is Boho Chic? 

 It's a lot of things. It ranges from the vibrant Bohemian Gypsy-esque looks of vibrant colors, loud patterns, to Hippie styles, to the toned down, earthy or faded clothing. If can range from Tribal Fusion bellydance, to Indian fashions, to Moroccan caftans, bikinis, Native American and Western influences. Often with jewelry made of silver, brass, crystals, pearls, and anything colorful, shiny, ethnic, or earthy.

It can be wild and free spirited, to calm, laid back and simple. It can mix, and remix old antique items, with vintage, as well as hand-made, or even commercialized items, and can even verge into the urban "Ghetto Fabulous", or Country Western bumpkins, to Yuppy Hippies.

Generally, the "chic" implies a put-together ensemble, with fashion, but can include decor, theme parties, outdoor summer raves, folk music gatherings, or a social identity.

There is often an association with themes like: Dreamers, Dreaminess, wanderlust, wandering, wanderers, whimsical or expressive whimsy, yoga, forests, beaches,  world travel, eclectic and miscellaneous fusions, bellydance, orientals dance styles, feathers, crystals, stones, world cultural items as decorations, some have tattoos where as others are all natural, carnivals, festivals, gatherings, meditation, journaling, arts, music, dance, photography, DJs, the love of animals, and typical Hippie ideas like: "Free Love", Peace, Love, sisterhood, brotherhood, unity, diversity, inspiration, freedom, liberty, sharing, honesty.

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Something very popular among the Boho Chic loving individuals is DIY (Do It Yourself) crafting, researching, and teaching what you have learned, or sharing what you have made. Many Boho Chic "creators" or designers/artists often not only SELL what they have made, many openly ENJOY buying hand made items, or used items from other artists/designers/bohemians online, and in local markets.
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Much of the Boho Chic styles often including eating at ethic food restaurants, drinking high end or exotic coffees, teas, cold water with fruits or cucumbers & herbs in it, shopping at a variety of Asian markets, and having a collection of spices and herbs in their kitchen (if they have one). Many Boho Chic individuals also like parks, gardens, and in many points of their lives often have their own gardens, even if it's just potted plants, or a balcony garden.

Boho chic is also characteristic of a wide range of various music types, which can because anything from singer song writer, to folk, to Gypsy, exotic, world music, ethnic music, rock n' roll styles like psychedelic & experimental, to RAVE: techno, EDM, trance, Eurodance, house, remixing, dub, dubstep, Jamaican, J-Pop, Indian Pop, Turkish Pop, Balkan Brass bands, folksy brass waltzes, Indie, UK Pop, ambient music, New Age, feel-good pop music, and even sitting at a jazz club hearing live jazz being played with friends over drinks.

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A person of major popularity among Boho Chic loving fandom is Rock Star: 
Stevie Nicks

Other Vintage personalities popular among the Boho Chic fandom are Orientalism Performance Artist Legends: Mata Hari, Maude Allen, Josephine Baker, Ruth St. Denis, Little Egypt, and Silent Film Star Legends like Theda Bara and Gloria Swanson.

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Varieties of Bohemian Chic, or Boho Chic, include:

Mori Girls (Forest Girls)
New Agers
Gypsets or Gypsetters
Neo Pagans 

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Notable contemporary individuals often popular among Boho Chic fandom are multi talented women like:

 Rachel Brice
Melodia Designs
Sequoia Emmanuelle
Gypsy Love and Light
Designers by "Free People"
Zoe Jakes

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Unlike Gypsets, the Boho Chic brings the beauty, the earthy, and appreciation of all kinds of beauty and variety to regular folks. Gypsets tends to be ARTISTS, but you needn't be an artist to be avidly involved in Boho Chic. Altho' Boho Chic is generally considered a female, or feminine style, this isn't true at all, and men can also be Boho Chic. Many weddings are held in a Boho Chic style, not just on beaches, but in meadows, river fronts, mountains, parks, and Museum Courtyards. 

The male versions of Bohemian/Boho Chic are often also dancers, Yoga teachers, DJs, ravers, surfers, gardeners, permaculturists, musicians, actors, fine artists, modern artists, programmers, IT techies, Hippies, instructors,  animal lovers, dog walkers, and grocers, but can also be regular guys, whom like to attend festivals, do photography, or bloggers. 

Altho', "New Age" is very popular among Boho Chic fandom (especially along the West Coast of the USA), many are also variations of Agnostic, Atheist, Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, pagan, and secular. There is no one religion, or ideology attached to the style, tho' several will attach their own personal interests to it. 

Philosophical ideas and conversations are often included within the artists styles of the themes.  

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