Thursday, June 21, 2018

Webb Park Wanderlust Test Footage Filming

I managed to get back up to North Weymouth, yesterday evening with my friend Roland, and we shot some test footage in Webb Memorial Park. Part of the cliffs broke off during the super storms last year, so accessing it is different than before.

You can also see the Boston Skyline across the bay.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Weymouth Great Pond Boho Wanderlust Test Footage Filming

Well, I'm producing a TV show and despite having a lot of people interested, it's so hard coordinating days to film. SO, Making the most of my time, I've been heading off on my own and shooting test footage.

This one was a test I did, using myself, all alone, without a camera man, at Great Pond reservoir in South Weymouth (MA).

It was kinda a spooky ordeal, and I even lost my keychain with all my keys, Starbucks cards, UMASS Boston ID, and some makeup, n discount cards. 

These are all samples to show my actors & models.

I still haven;t settled on a title yet.

I used multiple filters on these (just not the AKASO). I used a warming filter, a blue gradient filter, and cross star filter. (CANON 70D.

This one shot on my action camera AKASO EK7000

By the old unused dam

Cropped photo show huge Heron behind tree trunks.

Here's the SPOOKY PART (1 of them).

This Heron I saw in water by the dead tree trunk was SO TALL! They only max out in size up to 5 feet tall. But this sucker was easily over 2 meters, way bigger than my dad, and it wasn't even fully extending its neck up.

Watch in HD in Full Screen:

The footage thumbnails from Pirate Filming test shoot in South Field are found HERE.