Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Updates n Fort Lauderdale FL Mid March

Gonna be in Fort Lauderdale FL in Mid March with my family.

Might do some Pirate Cosplay too.
[ My Pirate cosplay Blog ]

I'd just recently acquired new cameras, and new camera equipment including a new budget Action Camera similar to a GoPro which can shoot underwater.

I don't fully know what my dad & step mom have in mind, but I'm hoping we might get to do something with dolphins.

I'm also hoping to do something with mermaids, Butterfly World, and the Water Taxi.... maybe the Everglades.

Also, since I have a love for whimsical, Bohemian, Gypset, Free Spirited, and ambient stuffs, I'd like to share some of the animated projects I just did since December:

The Making of type version of this one:


My Updated Vimeo

My Updated NewGrounds

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Mic 2017 Boho Chicness

I realized I had a number of Boho chic stuffs, whimsical, etc. I that I shot, mostly selfies, from last year, and when I went back to UMASS Boston, I had no time to post, or forgot.

I actually ended up getting more Gypsy skirts, including 1 that was a 25 yard one.

So, here I am at UMASS Boston when it was still warm outside.

Owls have also been a frequent motif with me... they kinda just show up, almost always every day.

Exploring Inside Lanterns w AKASO EK7000 Action Camera

This camera (AKASO EK7000) does a lot of kool things. I had been exploring with it, because its so tiny, and can shoot wide angle and macro.

And, here's some Misc Video Clips from when I was testing it out... it's very Boho:

Again, thanx for coming to my Blog!

Inside My IKEA Lantern Exploring with a new AKASO EK7000 Action Camera Camcorder

 I wasn't sure what I wanted for Christmas, and mostly I got nothing on that day, aside from a vaporizer, and some candy. But, my little brother sent me some cash which I held onto, and eventually my Aunt also sent me some stuff, including cash... Honestly I REALLY wanted to buy TOON BOOM HARMONY's software but I was $100 short to get a permanent license.

Since I'm a DP/DoP (Director of Photography) on an independent film now, cameras are even more so my life than ever. I had NO IDEA that I would end up in this position, and I'm always still learning as a filmmaker.

So, I really wanted a GoPro "Action Camera", because my father also wants to take my daughter & I to Ft. Lauderdale FL in March. But, those are  easily $400 a pop. Luckily, I know how to hold out and shop for deals on Amazon in Jan-Feb, and 3-day weekend national holidays (USA). That's how I buy nearly EVERYTHING I've ever invested in for camera equipment since 2010.

Action cameras are tiny camcorders, that also shoot stills. You can take them underwater, wear them, commit espionage (tee-hee), etc... So, I found a really comparable that in some ways was a bit better than an actual GoPro on Amazon: The AKASO EK7000 which shoots in 4K, but also can shoot 1080 at high speed up to 120 FPS! It has various exposures and ranges as well.

Inside my LANTERN:

I recommend most people DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME.

The timing on this was CRUCIAL!!!

A flaming candle is VERY HOT, and the camera is made of PLASTIC which can melt.

I literally only had less than 2 min to shoot this, and if it weren't a deep freeze WINTER, I would NEVER had attempted this.

First I tested to see if I could set the camera inside,
I set up the wireless configuration to my iPhone,
Took a test shot,
Lit the candle,
shot the video of myself closing the lantern door,
stopped recording, quickly switched to photo mode,
shot the stills,
abruptly opend & blew out the candles,
Then removed the battery to allow camera to cool down....

There's a SLIGHT mark where the flame JUST started to become a full sized candle flame, and began to melt it....

Action cameras DO CLAIM to handle extreme weather... but NOT FIRE.

Candles take a little while for the flame to become full sized and are usually small at first.

Again, I it were summer I would have NEVER DONE THIS. 

Actually, I don't think I will EVER do this again... but, I did get the shots...

2nd Blog Feature on Blogging Fusion

I thought this was kind of unusual.... I kept getting this email from Blogging Fusion that my blog was featured... That's strange, since I'd been featured last year... I klicked the link, but NOTHING was there... Nothing of mine... Yet, I KEPT getting these emails. I got them all day on the 25th, again on the 26th I got one, and still nothing...

Was I being pranked?
Was it a glitch?
Were the hacked???? 

-then today, I klicked it and something ACTUALLY showed up.

So, THERE it is.

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Thanx for coming to my blog.