Bohemian Prom Ideas

Here are the in-depth links to my own vintage Prom looks from the 1990s:

*  1997 Prom Hippie Chic with Cape Look

 * 1998 Wedding Event Look

If I find more of my photos, I will share them, I also have some missing stuff from my 1996 Prom. 

It's interesting that Boho Chic, Bohemian Chic, Gypset Chic, and Hippie Chic haven't already done a cross-over to Prom, and yet there was a small time in the late 2000s when Prom was somewhat Boho Chic by Tony Bowls.... yet, whenever you try to look up any information online, there is pretty much NOTHING.

I recall many themes for Proms, like Mardi Gras, Casino themes,  Ocean themes like Nautical or under the sea, glam, Alice in Wonderland, rock n roll, and more... yet, still no Boho themed proms.

I've been playing on Pinterest for several years now, and all of my Boho Chic boards have become very popular that I had to shut off my email notifications because people re-pin and favorite my content frequently all day long.

Also, with the new resurgence of interests in 1990s Throw-back fashion which its self often had a retake on many fashions from the 1970s & 1960s as well as Rave culture I started to share my vintage content from back then on my Instagram.

Many kids out there, and young adults, these days seem to really LOVE anything vintage especially since the quality of these old items is much better than items today, but also with a renewed interest. So, my popularity on Intagram had a bit of an uptick this year as I was very sick and began sharing my vintage Prom photos.

At the moment while I am writing this (March of 2015) any Google searches on any Boho Chic prom or Bohemian Prom ideas reveal nearly nothing, other than my own content which has been out there for months, or it's just wedding themed stuff. Hence, many kids come to me asking for ideas, or are at least shyly searching for some sort of inspiration.

So, I will share with you my own uniqueness in my own Proms, and weddings I've attended.

My mother graduated from her high school in the late 1970s, and was a fan of Stevie Nicks. (I was born in 1979.) So, you might see some of that influence in there.

Here is my Pinterest Board that was meant JUST for Boho Prom ideas:

Follow Kandice's board Boho Prom on Pinterest.

What is a Boho Prom look?

Anything that is Bohemian, Free Spirited, Whimsical, and unique that expresses your willful freedom and liberty, with colorfulness, Earthiness, or dreaminess. Many artists are seen as Bohemians, tho' not all are. And, Gypsets are generally artistic and creative persons as well whom have a love of traveling the globe, and meeting other cultures. (And, yes, I already know the P.C. lecture about Gypsies and 'The Romani People' and how some people want to boo-hoo on this sort of thing. As it is, much of our European language comes from a linguistic Indic in heritage, anyways. So, spare me.)

If you are worldly and well traveled, or open to world cultures, you can mix and blend "Orientalism" which came from French and European artists/dancers in the 1800s to show your love of all things.

you can be flamboyant and colorful like Gypsies, or Dreamy and emotive in pale cream colors, or browns, like Hippies, or Mori Girls. You can find antique items and incorporate them into your own handmade and unique ensemble.

If you want to wear a crown of flowers, you may, or ribbons like a May Pole Day.

But, since it is your Prom (Promenade) you will of course need some kind of formal items to wear WITH your look. That includes makeup. You should go with some kind of formal shoes, but the styles are up to you. Pumps? Platforms? Stilettos? And, your date will need to match your look somewhat in the colors he is wearing in his tuxedo.

If you are dating another girl, then try to match to your partner.

Unlike Bohemian weddings, your date should NOT show up looking like a surfer, but you can find many varieties of tuxedos. Colorful? Flashy? Laid-back? Minimalist? Just try to make it work. Don;t make it look like a bunch of stuff thrown together, but rather thought out.

I feel mine, overall, still have an elegance of somewhat still conserved looks, especially when compared with ways I have dressed since the 1990s. I have a limited color palette in my black dress look, with the cape, and the blue looks are also mainly a deep blue with just a few accents here and there, such as holding the peacock plume. I also don't have an excessive amount of jewelry compared to what I would wear if I were at a festival.

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