Saturday, July 29, 2017

DIY Boho Teapot Lantern Project: LED Lights

For the past few years, when trying to explain this project, what it was, and what I as doing/,making, I often met with bewildered blank stairs... probably because people don't move I the same circles or spheres which I do, including other artist friends I have & know. Also, a major setback with completing this project was poverty. Yet, the inspiration was still STRONGLY within me, and I never gave up!

One thing that was often told to me was:
Well, I want to see that when it's finished! Send me a photo of that when you're done!

Even tho' people were very familiar with using LED string/wire lights in decor is a very popular practice for the past few years, which you can see all over any craft store, and even Wal-mart, Target, Kohl's, Marshall's, and even sometimes at CVS or Walgreen's, and people were familiar with my other lantern works, nobody really understood me when i trued to explain this.

Anyways, I wet to Michael's craft store and I saw a full display on sale of a wide variety of these, and even tho' I was originally thinking of white or warm gold, I was really drawn to the blues. I as also tempted to get a purple, but didn't.

Something about the blues really drew me to them. They are 2 different types of blue, and have a really brilliant glow, so I think that have magnesium in them but also they don;t quite show true to color as the human eye can see them when photographed. Actually, they're both a variation of cyan or turquoise blue, but the one is slightly indigo colored.

I had to unravel the lights, then coil them back up and insert them within the pot/lantern. The other string has to be forced through the spout.

The lantern appears to be pouring light. there's a lot of symbolism & metaphors in this symbology I used here.

I have also been video documenting this process of creating this project.

And I have also shot some SLR photography with my new camera.

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