Friday, May 8, 2015

Spring Mori Girl of the [Purple] Violets 008

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Believe it or not, these were shot on the sidewalk of my neighborhood! No, I'm not kidding!
Sometimes, some of the best compositions I get in a photo were shot on a strange location that if you were there you'd never have known something like this could be happening, let alone look so beautiful.

Along the sidewalk, there's a patch of grass that springs up purple violets in mid spring. You can;t see it, but her lower body is hanging out, over the curb, into the street.

It took a bit of coaxing to get her to pose since she was already tuckered out from being in South Field with me. Even tho' we're practically next to South Field, it's still a long walk along the sidewalks.

I've many times taken several photos in parking lots, sidewalks, and even by dumpsters that turned out looking nothing like what you would expect. So, when people ask me, where some of my locations are, and I tell them something like, along the sidewalk, in a parking lot, or by a dumpster, they think I'm toying with them, or guarding some secret. I'm not.

In case you haven;t been following this series of photos, yes, this is my daughter. This was shot in 2010, South Weymouth Mass. South Shore Greater Boston, New England (USA)
No, these are not real SLR photos. I shot them on my old digital CANON Power Shot. I STILL love this lil' camera! I LOVE CANON!
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