Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Blog Feature + New Instagram Photography Profile

It's no secret that I have an affinity for art, including photography. Well, photography was on my mind last night, and I was observing fellow photographers demo their modes operandi on how they do their XYZ... (The jab is due to the fact that SO MANY "pro" pedigree photographers can be SUCH SNOBS to ametures & "avid photographers" i.e. those with degrees and those without)   I was somewhat surprized how much some popular folks are such hacks, but I still love their work. ;)

I was going back n forth between YouTube, Snapchat, and twitter, when it suddenly occurred to me: Oh, maybe I ought to create a new Instagram profile specifically JUST to showcase my photography... I mean, I DO put in untold hours worth of work, prep, travel, equipment, etc... SO, what the hey! Why not? I mean, i already got multiple blogs, and other media profiles, so why not?

Here's the New Instagram Photography Profile: KLICK HERE

Well, sometime after midnight, I threw together a new photography profile....
Next thing I knew, my iPhone was going crazy. Last night I barely even had 30 photos published, and I couldn't turn off the notifications!

So, since my spouse & I had to take the kid to the hospital all the way in Boston for an overdue appointment, I was like: Well, since I've already started posting photos, what's a few more?

What's a few more?
Well, it's CRAZY!

Instagram changed their notification settings, so I finally figured out how to turn the whole thing OFF!

Now I have companies inviting me into affiliate programs & offers, so I have contracts to read through. 

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I also woke up this morning to an E-mail congratulating me on winning a FEATURE on a Blog Directory HERE & HERE.

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