Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My 2016 Film From UMASS

I'd blogged about this on my other art blog(s), but I should mention it here because my Film is VERY VERY Bohemian.

My Film is called "Smattering Thoughts Also Flow" and it has a lot of Boho motifs and is HEAVY on Taoism themes as well as philosophy, and a touch of Buddhism or Confucianism motifs. It's got some whimsical and rave elements as well.

Unfortunately I was strapped for time & resources, so much was cut out, or scrapped.

I switched my major from Philosophy to Art due to strong suggestions by my Video Instructor.
I still love philosophy tho'.

I EXCLUSIVELY  shot the film using over 5 different cameras ALL BY CANON. CANON is my #1 FAVORITE! I also used various other lens fliters.

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