Saturday, January 21, 2017

Free Download: Haunting Blue Fairy Muses

I finally finished this track! I kept putting it off!

I originally created the original melody when I was 6 years old, back in New Jersey in the 1980s on my neighbor's piano.

I've told this story many times, so the short version is that in the summer after moving into our new house in Mount Laurel on Fostertown Rd. our neighbor's named Mr. & Mrs. Blue has their annual summer barbecue picnic and invited us.

At some point I remember everyone being inside the house, so I think it might've rained, and I saw they had a piano. I felt this magnetic attraction of the piano sitting there and was allowed to play, yet other children were not. I knew nothing about how to play a piano but I started improvisationally playing. I had no idea I could do that, and in the process of playing that piano, I felt myself transported to another realm of fairies and magic, since I had a wild imagination as a child, and I even remembered seeing fairies when I was a toddler, until I stopped seeing them around the same age. During that time I came up with this melody, and my grandparents gave me an electric organ which I often played this melody over & over and reworked it into what it generally is now.

I usually just called it "The Fairy Melody" or "The Fairy World" because that day when I created it at my neighbors' house I felt like I was in another world, and also time stopped, and passed by me until it was night time.

I currently called it "The Blue Fairies Melody" but I have different versions with different lyrics I wrote last year for my "dragon film" ("Zenith Beyond Eclipsing The Dragon's Rue") .

This version actually came to me LAST YEAR (2016) around February/March between the times when we had the extreme snow and deep subfreezing cold we also had incredibly warm days.

I felt as tho' I was GOING CRAZY, literally, and it was very upsetting to me because I was supposed to start a new job PLUS start classes at UMASS in the Fall semester of 2016. But, I kept hearing all this music inside of my head, and it was DRIVING ME MAD. I was so scared for my very life that I was considering seeing a doctor, and the feelings I was having were so bad, and overwhelming!

So, in a desperate moment I through on my coat and I walked over to South Field (renamed Union Point by the fall) and I felt the music fighting me, and trying to force myself "to be sensible" until I finally gave up, and thought: What the heck! Fine! If I'm a crazy woman, then oh well! And, If I start singing and people think I'm a crazy woman, then so what if I am?!

The words just poured out of my throats and my mouth! It was frightening at first! But, when I finally stopped fighting it, and surrendered to it, all this MUSIC came out! After I let it all out, or just let it come out, I found so much better! I didn't feel depressed, or overwhelmed with bad feelings. This went on the entire Spring and Summer.

But, this ambient version actually came very strongly to me, and it often came out of me when I was walking through South Field alone, and wandering through the trees. I KNEW I wanted to make a recorded version of it, but I didn't have a microphone.

When I finally started my video class at UMASS I actually jumped at the chance to borrow a condenser mic, and recorded a lot of things.

I finally edited this version this winter starting in December last year (2016).

It's pretty much EXACTLY what I wanted it to be.

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