Saturday, February 28, 2015

New Spring Design

Well, I redesigned some stuff. there's a new background on this blog, because it's almost March and Autumn is long over.I don;t know why this screen capture looks so dark on the blog because it didn't look at dark when I took it.
I'll probably need to redo the banner graphic.... again....

But, I redid my Twitter page also:

At the moment I'm publishing this blog my Twitter Profile @BlackUniGryphon is still public, however at any time now, due to some shifting circumstances, which I cannot divulge, I may need to temporarily set it to private for a period of time.
I've been on alert, and yes I've been on alert before for something, and it's actually very good news for me on my end, but its so liquid that it keeps shifting, changing, and delaying, much to my frustration.

Should this event occur, my blogs will all still remain public, I still plan on blogging, and my Pyrate Cosplay Character's Twitter page will still remain public, but my facebook pages might need to be either dismantled, deleted, temporarily, or perhaps permanently disabled which will depend upon the legal circumstances. My e-mails from pre-event might also be abandoned or deleted post-event... possibly.

I can't really predict the full nature, breadth, nor restrictions I may, or may not be under. But, it will all be very good. I've worked very long, hard, and diligently so I'm more than ready for the entire ordeal & situations to be over and to move onto the next phases of my life. I fully expect it to be life-changing but also it has been impressed upon me JUST how much responsibilities and ethical pressures and burdens I will be required to take on. But, I take on these burdens willingly, because it's not just for me, because I philosophically couldn't live with myself if it was only for my own selfish whims. Even tho' I've been given the heads up (again) to be on alert, I still understand that delays can still occur... which is the story of my life for about half a decade now.

This blog is one I definitely expect to be still using, in fact I plan on the continuation of blogging for the rest of my life.

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