Friday, March 6, 2015

Boho Chic Feather Earrings Raver [Indoors] 002

Here are some more frames from this photoshoot.

These ones have an old style analogue filter. I like using low-tech effects A LOT, because they are simple, easy, and effective. Even tho' I'm really good at Photoshop, I don't have a lot of time to spend on EVERY FRAME to do an effect, when I could just do it analog instead. Often times THE BEST effects are the most simple low-tech tricks.

House of CB
 I also find that rigorous, frequent practice, and even experimentation makes you a better artist and photographer. I'd rather my photos come out as close to perfect as they possible as they can... because I think mine I'm never totally satisfied with... the nature of the beast I guess... there are thousands of photographers better than I am.... but, I try.

At the same time, I also like a mixture of "realness" and prefer to keep a flaw in the photos to look intentionally less than perfect, like the proverbial "Persian Flaw"... which seems sort of "Zen" to me.

Altho' I HATE the ugly Harry Potter scar on my face, I tend to keep it untouched on my photos of myself. Why? Because in real life I have an ugly scar on my face. I also have hideous sun damage on my forehead which gives it a crepe paper texture. I hate it. HATE IT. But I often leave don't even bother to apply makeup to it because it can look even worse in the photo.... It's actually a simple procedure to fix the skin damage on my face, however, I don't have the funds to currently do so. I also suffer from psoriasis.

House of CB
In my real like, I generally do not wear makeup, unless I'm working in a professional setting the requires me to, like when i worked at the bank. I'm also nowhere near as beautiful as it seems in my photos. I tell people this often, but they don't believe me. I'm just an ordinary looking woman.

Honestly, if you gave me enough time I could make anyone look good if I photographed them. I know several tricks, and techniques WITHOUT any Photoshop touch-ups. I just understand how to use my technology, and equipment. I can ALSO draw your portrait with pastel or charcoal and you will look even better in my drawing than you do in the photo, but ALSO still look JUST LIKE YOU.

Like I said, I'm an artist. I like beautiful things, but I also like thoughtfulness, and perspective.

House of CB
I hadn't realized how emotive these turned out... kinds weirds me out... whatever... people seem to like this weird stuff... *shrugs*

Like I mentioned, these were actually just test frames...

House of CB


  1. I like these photos because these photos reminds me of noble people, England royal woman. God I hate my bad English, I can't find the correct words to express my feelings. 看起来有一种冷艳、高贵的气质。

    1. Don;t worry, your English is fine.
      My Chinese is also terrible... I think I sound like a child when i speak Chinese.