Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Crazy New England Snow!

At the moment, I'm up here in the frigged North Eastern Coast of the USA, in New England. I'm in the South Shore area of Greater Boston in South Weymouth. I certainly DO NOT plan to be here forever. Screw that!

It is so friggin' cold, and this year it's supposed to be an El Niño year, so we were expecting more warm pockets of air for winter... and yes we did get some, but the planets ability to self regulate can also trigger extreme colds instead in an attempt to self-cool or compensate for the average temperatures rising of the entire globe over the longer periods.

In 2012, it was incredibly warm here in winter, and even 2011 wasn't very snowy, but this extreme cold winter trend has been going on for a while. You just can;t predict it anymore because the situation is so unstable and unbalanced that crazy weather like this happens. Even the Boston weather men now admit their computer models can't predict with certainty on these blizzards anymore.

These photos were take on Friday last week, and already the snow is much higher, and is still coming. It's very cold, and due to my asthma, I cannot go outside.

My daughter is on vacation from school right now, and last week the weather was so bad she couldn't go to school, and it was closed. The highways were closed in some places, and the public transportation is still down in some places.

it's such a deep freeze that I could only go outside for about 20 seconds to take these pictures. I had to wrap up my head to keep the body heat on me, and I probably shouldn't have gone out in my slippers.

I will probably be blogging some of my photography of the snow on my photography blog.

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