Friday, February 26, 2016

Sakura Boho Chic Mori Girl Gypset in New England [Blue] 001

Here's a set I did a few years ago. I was incredibly sick in these, and also had surgery on my sinus, and my throat having my tonsils removed due to chronic infections.

I had a deviated septum in my sinuses, and I lost most of my sense of smell for weeks, then some sections of my sense of smell range ended. But, I have it all back now, and NO I DO NOT USE COCAINE, NOR HAVE I EVER.

 I think the deviated septum happened after my daughter was born and I got rear-ended by a car and pushed into 3 other cars, which caused the airbag to open. I had nasal pain really bad for months, and my nose is still ever so slightly crooked.

Anyways, Almost everything I'm wearing in this set was from JCPenny which was my ex-job.

the silver Tribal earrings were from JCP, so is the Boho Chic cardigan, the cow-neck blue top, and the infinity scarf.

Origins Three Part Harmony for renewal, repair and radianceThe earrings were a gift from my baby brother whom live in NJ w/his family.

The silver tribal beads were from my step mother, Libby.

And this eye shadow makeup is from the NAKED3 palette by Urban Decay which is one of my favorite brands EVER!

This set was INCREDIBLY COLD, and my eyes watered in the shot from the wind stinging my eyes. I was also so impoverished, and so malnourished that my hair thinned.

I've been trying to recover much of the thinned hair since this time period. I've gotten it a little better, but still thin in the front.

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