Thursday, March 5, 2015

Boho Chic Feather Earrings Raver [Indoors] 001

Boho Chic has changed quite a bit over the years, and so has Rave culture.

These are some photos I shot to test out my various camera equipment. I often experimented on myself because my daughter became uninterested in posing for me as she got older. I also have no interest in becoming a "stage mom".

Saks Fifth Avenue

I've actually been posting several of these frames cropped on Instagram, and they tend to be very popular.

Since I tend to get the most questions about my makeup and clothing, I will tell you here:

The Vintage Arden B. Blouse Top:

This top was by Arden B. which has been discontinued & shut down permanently. It was from the mid 2000s, and I believe this one might actually been from the period when they actually STILL produced fashion/clothing inside the USA, but around that time they would start to import some items from China, and attach the Arden B. brand label to them.

Actually, this top was a very very pale pink top with very light gray floral design patterns on it. I hand died it turquoise blue with a blue dye packet from Wal-Mart.... and their is a splotch error in the dying on one part, which no one ever notices... generally people are too eye-struck by my cleavage. I think I died it around 2008-ish...

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The Turquoise Blue Feather Chain Earrings:

These were some earrings that I just HAD TO GET at Charlotte Russe. I got them around 2010 or 2011. Actually, I could probably make some just like them myself, now, because I've learned so much since then... You can also see some hoop earrings that I am also wearing with some chicken feathers which I also got at Charlotte Russe probably in 2009 or 2010. I really liked them, and they were similar to one of my dance teacher's.
I also have a yellow pair that looks just like these, but yellow. ;)

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My eye makeup is by Maybelline New York Eye Studio which I believe they still make & sell. But, they called them "Pro" makeup at the time I bought them.
Yes I am wearing some L'Oréal makeup, but I hate this brand, because it's toxic, and I no longer purchase anything by them. I am also wearing Physician's Formula mineral powder.

If you look closely, you can probably my Christmas tree. I believe the year I shot this was a warm year, and you can see my DJ daisy light/lamp shiny some colored disco-tech lights in the background.

These were all experimental practice stuff for me... I'm an artist, that's just what I do. I experiment, I practice, I try to see what I can get, or do, or learn...

I also have other frames from this set with filters, and various kinds of lights. No ring-light in this one.

House of CB

House of CB
Comments & Questions I tend to get:

* Are you a model?

No, I'm not  model, per se.... I have modeled for my artists friends for sketching. I'm an artist.

* Have you ever been asked to model?

Technically yes I have been asked several times, and approached by photographers, and even given or exchanged business cards. this has happened the most to me in Los Angeles in 2005, but also in Philadelphia, and also somewhat in New Jersey.... however, it was ALWAYS by a male photographer, nothing ever happened, no follow-up ever took place, and it seems to have always been some other notice involved of a sexual nature... there was a gay photographer that also approached me in LA but folks in LA tend to have multiple jobs, and are scatter brained, so once I left he stopped replying my emails, or maybe went to Europe.

* Do you want to be, or have you ever wanted to be, a model?

Actually no, it has never been a goal of mine in life, at all, ever... I am an artist, and I express myself. That can include sharing photos of myself, whether ugly or prettied-up, or video blogging, or blogging, tweeting, photography, written works, research sharing, philosophical discussions or arguments, or making & creating stuff. I also draw a lot, and enjoy music, singing, etc.

* Are you a makeup artist?

No. Never.
I am not a cosmo girl, I never studied cosmetology, and I have no intentions, nor goals to do so.
Honestly, at times, I hate makeup, and also often find it to be gross. I started to expand my knowledge of makeup when i took up dance, especially bellydance, which also expanded to other things like cosplay, stage performance, karaoke, conventions, photography, and professional job seeking.
NEVER ask me to do your makeup. I can't do makeup on other people. I'll most likely poke your eye, or make you look like a clown, or bruise you. I could demo it for ya, but doing anyone's makeup or hair is something I HATE. the only person I can kinda do is my daughter... but, generally my spouse prefers to for her hair, and hates what I do with her.
I also hate doing my own hair, and just prefer it to be FREE! ...however, I do put my hair in a ponytail when I'm doing art stuff.

Saks Fifth Avenue
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