Saturday, July 29, 2017

Other Stuffs We Did This Summer 2017

What can I say? A Gypset or Bohemian is one of an Artist's Life! 

Well, like I said, Mr. Wang went to Japan, so I as left at home trying to figure out WTF to do about the car accident. It was screwy!

Every day was another adventure...

I took my daughter to IKEA for the first time ever, and my 2nd time ever. I had to use GPS to drive there. And, 1 of the neighbor's robbed the pizza cutter I bought for Heidi. 

I also took her to the IKEA restaurant, and I got a purple lantern.

 Got some plants.

Been working on an independent film "The Holy Maple Tree"

Started my own Independent Animated Film did some fundraising, and now I have some new equipment: Condenser Mic

My daughter's birthday was at the end of June. I took her shopping, and we're doing animation together. She starts High School and the Vocational Graphic Art Program in September

I've been doing so much art, and independent stuff since the end of the Spring semester.

I'm still not sure if I'm going back to UMASS tho'. My GPA is 3.775 and I'm on the Dean's List.

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