Saturday, July 29, 2017

DIY Boho Teapot Lantern Project: 2nd Attempt at Drilling

This project has taken so long to complete. But, I've finally finished it.

I'm breaking up the next few parts into different segments. This part is the 2nd attempt at drilling.

The first attempt at drilling, last year, had me hunched over on the concrete outside not only hurting myself in my fingers, but also hurting my back very badly which caused problems for Fall Semester 2016 at UMASS Boston. 

My father told me I could brig it and drill it at his new house in PA. So I did.

 I spent more than half a day working on it, in the basement, including during a storm, and a tornado that just passed by a few miles away. .

A post shared by Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman 任思麒 (@blackunigryphon) on

A post shared by Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman 任思麒 (@blackunigryphon) on

Anyways, I had to lug the whole thing back home, with a can of spray paint that my brother bought me. Thanx bro!

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