Saturday, April 11, 2015

Yoga Mom [Marcus Hook, PA] 002

I got these sunglasses at a Dollar Store in center city Philadelphia, on Chestnut Street.

The Purple purse is from JCPenny, and the purple tank top is by Old Navy. The Purple Sports Bra is by NIKE.

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In 2012 Maybelline came out with these wet/gel eyeshadows called "Color Tattoo". Even tho' orange and pink are my least favorite colors when it comes to makeup I have several times gone totally nuts for them, because they go well with my skin complexion. Needless to say, I got the orange colored one which is called "Fierce & Tangy".
It's supposed to last 24 hours, and when I first got it brand new it would last much longer than that, and even if I went to sleep with it on, it would still be perfectly on when I woke up. It does dry out over time tho' and stops working as well.

I used Urban Decay's NAKED2 palette, with the Natural Eye palette by Too Faced.
I'd just gotten a new orange limited edition blush by MAC at MACY*S in Center City Philadelphia, with some kind of special sales deal from a sales rep.

The eyeliner is just a simple green Rimmel eyeliner from the drugstore, and I think this lipstick was an orange lip balm/lipstick by Revlon.

That's about it. No foundation, no face powders, maybe just a slight concealer by Cover Girl under the eyes. You should still be able to see my pores, sun damage, and fine lines.
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