Friday, March 20, 2015

After The Hair Came Down [New Ager Set] 001

After I shot all that multi filter stuff, I went with my trusty old fashioned vintage VIVITAR "sunset filter" which is actually an orange filter.

This was a popular style of photography in the 1970s, but I've seen it in the 80s & 90s as well.

These old fashioned color filters were actually created for analog black & white film photography. The color was meant to give the lens a better exposure for things like the sky in a black and white photo exposure or a "plate" because many cyan blue colors, like the sky are "nonrepro" and in essence the camera just can't see it, hence it wouldn't show on the film negative or on a "plate". 

I know this because I had to study old school graphic art & "printing" in the 90s, in what we called "Advertising, Art, and Design" but I also studied the printer's end as well and did the photography, plate making, and even the work in the "dark room". I hated it because it stinks, and I have asthma, I'm also ADD and highly acute sensitive, which caused me to have migraines around the chemicals. At least the developing chemicals smelled more sour, but the inks' stench was head splitting and could be just as bad as inhaling gasoline. I didn't want to be a printer anyways, so they trained me to do "paste ups" with amberlith, rubber cement, and a drafting table. To this day I can still do many things manually, by hand, but all of those trades I just mentioned are NOW obsolete, and none of those skills can get me a job, and it's all digital.

Anyways, these old style of color wash filters are incredible! I always try to get the OLD VINTAGE ONES if I can. This one is from my father. Old photography equipment form the 1970s especially have unique qualities to them, whether they are the cameras themselves, the lenses, filters, or fisheyes. So, I myself, and some of my friends are always on the look out for nabbing up stuff at yard sales,  flea markets, or stuff people just don't want. ;)

Dust CAN BE CLEANED OFF. And, even the old stuff can be repaired, they just don't make things like they used to. I think I'd just scream & cry if somebody actually ever just handed me an old vintage Hasselblad and was like oh "Did you want this old thing?"! WOW.
*keeps  dreaming*

Anyways, I got this old VIVITAR vintage filter from my father, along with his old vintage 1972 CANON FTB QL SLR! Love it!

So, I was experimenting with it once I got an adapter from 55mm to my 58mm lens.

This thing is GREAT! You can achieve different looks depending on the aperture.

I call these my New Ager Set

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I've used several of these as profile photos all over the internet.
Basically, I just walked around my neighborhood, and started shooting photos of myself randomly. (Spontaneous Self Portraits) 

There was some stubborn dust on the lens that I couldn't get rid of due to static cling. But, it worked out well anyways. Generally pro photographers hate glare, or lens flares, and dust... however, as an artist I find this thing which is generally seen as a flaw, can give an interesting effect or mood, and many visual artists actually draw, paint, or illustrate these "flaws' into their artwork.

Anyways, like I've said before, I used to be a "spiritual junkie" and yet I also still meditate. So, you can often find this style, or motifs, in my work throughout my entire life and body of works.

Orange is actually one of least favorite colors, however, in art, photography, and makeup it's a common color I frequently and often use. It gives warmth, and can effectively express the moods I'm going for.

I like the way these came out so much, even tho' the dust glare is blocking my eyes sometimes.

The whole "Persian Flaw" is a kind of Zen-like motif with me, even tho' these were spontaneous, and unintentional.. but, sometimes Zen is like that... Zen has a weirdness quality to it, and even the aspect of nonsense can be meaningful, and the things thought to be meaningful are just meaningless.... like a stone Buddha which does nothing, and had no spirit... Bleh!

LOL! I guess that ought to be my Zen comment to end this entry: BLEH!!!!

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