Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Windy Autumn Bohemian 001

I like photography, and many other things. So once I got my new digital SLR since I'd been using my CANON POWER SHOT, which I actually REALLY STILL LIKE, I wanted more practice. Digital SLR is different than analog SLR. So, it took a lot of getting accustomed to it. I'd mostly been shooting landscapes, and I found it strange that when I added self portraits to Facebook I got all these likes and compliments... so, I decided to try other things. and this is what happened (circa Autumn 2011 New England).

I had actually lost virtually ALL of my makeup after I did a wedding photoshoot in Philadelphia.
So, I shot all of this with whatever I still had left... just winging it....

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It was very windy, so you can often see my camera strap in the frame.
This style of photography is called "Spontaneous Self Portraits" and at close proximity to the face it can exaggerate or refract the shape of the facial features, which is what I like about it.
I have a very strong mixture of ethnic features like my prominent Anglo Saxon nose structure, my jawline, browns and cheekbone structure.
It's always interesting to see how my face looks through the lens because when I look in the mirror I feel I look quite different.

The blue scarf was a gift from my friend from China (from when I lived in China). She bought it at "The Friendship Store" which most people weren't usually allowed to shop at if you are not a foreigner in China. So, of course, this product is of a very good quality because it's meant for foreigners, and not Chinese Nationals. That's Chinese politics for you... it makes sense to them, but I don't understand it.

Anyway, I helped my friend to come to the USA on scholarship because it was actually much easier for graduate students than going to Canada. Now, she lives in the Carolinas and has a nice medical career.

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The earrings I'm wearing I got at Charlotte Russe. (I am double pierced.) And, the old jacket is from H&M. I wore it out... and, I wish I still had it.


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