Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bohemian Cloudy Afternoon in South Field (MA)

This was a photoshoot I did so much prep-work for. And, JUST as I arrived on location after walking all the way there, to South Field (South Weymouth, MA) these clouds swooped in and blocked the sun. The whole sky was clear, except for the spot where the giant cloud was, which WOULD NOT GO AWAY!

I was so frustrated, annoyed, and aggravated, because at some fleeting moments the sun would peek through the giant clouds. I'd rush to grab my camera, and just as the shutter would klick, the light was gone.

It was SUCH a pity because South Field was GORGEOUS that year! (2011) But, without the light, the frames came out looking depressing, EMO, morose, and I ended up looking powdery, or ashy. Yuck.

However, some folks still liked these photos. They just weren't what I personally was going for. But, that's just how "spontaneous portrait photography" goes.

I'm wearing 2 jackets, because it was rather windy. The outer coat is a reddish leather trench coat from the 60s or 70s made in Korea, which I bought from the original owner at a flea market in New Jersey in the mid 1990s. She claimed that when she was a teenager, she just "had to have it" and actually only wore it about 2 or 3 times. So, when I got it it was still in brand new condition. I think I paid about $40 cash, which was a stretch for me at the time, but she had originally spent about $300 which in the 1960s/1970s was a gigantic price. She said her father was wealthy when she was younger.

The inner jacket, with fringes is a vintage buckskin jacket, made in Italy, from Arden B. I purchased this jacket in 2002 from a local Arden B. location in the South Shore Plaza (Braintree MA). The original price on this was very high, I think anywhere from $150-300+. But, I bought it on discount in the clearance rack for about $65, give or take.

I distinctly recall being VERY PLEASED with the price, and at the time my new spouse allowed me to go shopping at will, because back then we were rather wealthy.

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The feather earrings are from "Spencer Gifts" and they have rooster tail feathers. One of them it purple and black, and the other is just black. The black feathers look green in certain angles in the light, and are attacked to black chains.

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Vintage Tribal Silver beads necklace.

The Orange/Gold silk scarf was a gift from one of the many times I lived in The People's Republic of China. It's a popular custom in China to give gifts. Silk scarves are a popular item to give.
Whenever I go back to China (since I have relatives there) I always make it a point to bring many small gifts.

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