Thursday, January 29, 2015

Boho Chic Vintage 2002 Wet Seal Fringe Jacket 002

Here is a continuation of the photoshoot I blogged about in a previous blog post found HERE.

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Once again, I shot these myself in South Weymouth (South Shore Greater Boston) after a rainstorm, so you can see the glistening puddles everywhere in mid autumn/fall 2011.

The camera is a DSLR CANON REBEL XS.
This style of shooting is known as "spontaneous self portraits".

Feather earrings are by Charlotte Russe.
Vintage Tribal Silver beads neckalce.

The jacket is a fringe jacket from "Contempo" which is actually by "Wet Seal", vintage purchased in 2002. I believe it's pork skin leather.

The vintage purple top I am wearing is by The DEB.

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Here you can tell when the sun was blocked by cloud cover. 
See the difference lighting makes? 
The composition not only goes from warm to cool colors, but the mood also changes as the sunlight goes away?

The sun returns:

These are very "Ana May Wong" the silent film star:

Who's Anna May Wong?

Anna May Wong was literally THE first ever Chinese movie star starting in Silent Films. She worked in Hollywood almost always as the villain characters, temptress, or the victim. In real life she was very friendly, free spirited, and artistic. So, usually when I say "Anna May Wong" I mean her. She was very good at posing, and staging her shots, lines, angles, makeup for camera and lighting. She also starred in many films in many countries, and was a model. There was a song that was said to have been written by her true love whom couldn't legally marry her, or be with her.

And here are the last bits:

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