Monday, January 26, 2015


Well, well, well..... Today is seriously my lucky day! And, in fact, despite the screwy things that have occurred this month, I think I'm seriously coming out smelling like chocolate covered edible roses!

At the start of this month, sometime around the 2nd week, my Instagram started blowing up! Like: Whoah! I'd been posting and sharing the same stuff I'd been posting before.... but, out of nowhere, I started getting more likes... then, it became full on conversations, and interactions with people. Mind you, most folks on Instagram tend to be younger than I am. As hopeless as much of the trends, in many of my situations were going, not just "the news", I just felt like I needed an "out", an escape, an outlet... something. ANYTHING! And, since I was getting so much attention and interaction, despite Instagram glitching, I just went with the flow of it...

-and, I was sharing quite a bit of my Bohemian/Boho-chic stuff... and I have QUITE A LOT OF IT. I also found out I was a Gypset or Gypsetter, my whole life, and didn't even know it...

So, after interacting with some many other Bohemians, New Agers, Boho-stylers, Mori Girls, and loads of Gypsetters, and getting positive feed-back, I started to contemplate making Boho/Gypset blog... and after since whenever I mentioned it, and people agreed with the idea, that's how this blog started...

Well, when I first started my blog, recently since about last year Google/Adsense made this policy about how you couldn't generate any revenue on ads until about a 6 month period. They did this to me before with my music blog last year... and, I wasn't happy about it at all.

So, I blogged about it... also, I typed up several blog entries, and scheduled them to be on hold until I could get the revenue green light in half a year from now....since that took the wind out of my sails, I went onto my most popular blog, my Pirate Wench Cosplay blog... and, it dawned on me that I could expand my monetizational prospects.... so, I hunkered down, and went to work! My first attempt just got put on hold... but, it still BURNED PASSIONATELY inside of me. And, I let my fingers do the walking, and kept going until I found my way to all kinds of affiliate prospects!

Then, OMG! I realized JUST HOW MUCH Google/Adsense had been jipping me!!!!

If I went direct to the affiliates & sponsors, I eliminated the middle man (Google) and started rebuilding and reprogramming my Pirate blog, then I took it over here to THIS BLOG...

And, lo & behold, Google just RANDOMLY approves me to Google Adsense!

Oh, I guess u guys wanted a chunk o' this after all, huh?

Well, guess what!


And, like Hammer:
I am gonna Turn This Mutha Out!

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