Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bohemian Free Spirit Generation X Vintage 1997 Junior Prom

For my Junior Prom, my friend Bill asked me to go with him. So, I was like: Yes.

We sang together in the talent show, and did some kind of executive stuff together also. I forget what the heck it was. But, somehow I was often in charge of stuff, or part of the head team of folks in charge of all kinds of school activities. I actually never even thought anything of it, just did my part.

The cape I borrowed from a sort-of cousin of sorts... she made it. her name was Maggi.

My dad bought the black gown at MACY*S the year before when I went to the prom with my ex-boyfriend, whom dumped me a few weeks later (because he was in-love with one of my best friends, and he stalked her and everything. All kinds of insane things went down a few weeks later around his graduation, and also at his graduation party.). I'm still friends with all of them, tho'.

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This hairstyle was inspired by Blümchen's Berlin show concert in 1995 or 1996 in which she had a similar hairstyle, only shorter, and wore a short prom dress like in her video "Boomerang".

I borrowed these shoes from Libby, whom was my neighbor, and kinda sorta dating my dad at the time.

Some of these photos were shot by my father with a vintage 1972 CANON QL FTb SLR, but if they have yellow writing on them the Libby shot those. She helped me a bit.

Lane Bryant

Shore Projects

You can tell in these photos how pissed off I was at Bill whom came really really late.

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