Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More Bohemian Stuff Heading This Way!

Well, I suppose I ought to start this blog somewhere... actually, I kind of already did...

Anyways, I have some of my vintage Prom looks and also looks I wore to some weddings, just in case you were looking for some ideas from a truely artsy, Free Spirit, Gen'X'er like me.

I'm an artist, scientist, geek, and I'm an aspiring philosopher. I LOVE outer space, Sci-Fi, fantasy, rave/ravers, all kinds of arts, and all kinds of music, and a long resume, with practically nothing to show for it.

I love yoga, meditation, taiji chuan, qigong, Star Trek, nature, plants, animals, food, fine wines & aged cheddar, ethnic & international cuisines, various kinds of spices (not necessarily hot peppers or chillies tho'), and I've lived in The People's Republic of China several times. I speak conversational Mandarin Chinese, and also understand Pekingese (Beijing dialect). I also speak German, tho' I think it's not so good anymore... I'm not exactly fluent in these languages, but I still use & enjoy them, and have a vast collection of music, cultural items, and movies from these countries.

Like all typical Gypsetters I've traveled the world, and have been to over half of the states of the USA. I have also been to The Grand Bahamas Island.

I have lived in Hollywood on La Brea Avenue, and also worked at "Top Cow" of "Image Comics" on "Witchblade".(Not gonna start name dropping, but I could.)

I also worked on animation projects for: HBO Family, NOGIN, PBS, Nick Jr. And, I have a degree in Computer Animation.

I have a diploma in Environmental Sciences, and I take the sciences VERY SERIOUSLY.

I hope to share much of my photography, or strait up photo snap-shots, from my world travels.

I am also a MOM, and have 1 daughter. 

I love dance, and have studied bellydance since 2007, Tribal Fusion, ATS, Raqs Sharqi, Folkloric, and also Popping & Locking, Hitting & holding, Jumpstyle, and probably a mixture of other things I can't think of at the moment.

I'm a former "Spiritual Junkie" New Ager... I still like some things from those circles, but since I am an activist I cannot be associated with nonsense, or crazy folks that think the voices in their heads are God talking to them, and want your money. I do like crystals, and have several, and have in facts meditated with them, but I could just as well meditate on anything, it doesn't matter... and I don't give my stones names, and cry over them. Actually, I think studying the scientific properties of quarts, or tourmaline is more interesting, and leave the woo-woo crazy talk to mainstream religions.

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I used to be a Protestant when I was younger, and was rather religious. I've also ACTUALLY read the scriptures, and philosophically disagree with them. I do however believe in souls, and that i have one, and have many many paranormal experiences that include other witnesses, however I will NOT be disclosing any of that on this blog as it bothers my political credibility as an activist.

Chinese New Year is coming up soon, so I am hoping to share some stuff from my several travels, and living experiences of my times spent living in China. I am also planning to shoot some new stuff with that theme for my Pyrate Wench blog soon. 

I also MAKE LOTS OF THINGS, or FIX THEM. I'm very creative, but also a tinkerer, and I love technology.

If you are interested in my Photography Blog you can find it HERE. I like to shoot using CANON, but I have used many kinds of cameras, and I also love video.

I also have a Blog for my Cosplay Pirate Wench Character Marshall Kändiß The Pyrate 

You can find my DeviantART Gallery HERE

Lane Bryant


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