Friday, April 10, 2015

Yoga Mom [Marcus Hook, PA] 001

The Story of The Vanishing Lens Cap

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I shot these in the park in Marcus Hook PA at the border of Delaware state and next to the Delaware River across from New Jersey. This was in Late summer or early Fall of 2012. Some frames were actually shot at my friend's house/yard.

During this shooting experience my lens cap went suddenly missing. Several people kept asking to help my do the photography and kept staring at me and interrupting, which bothered me a lot.

Then, another person helped me look everywhere for my lens cap for at least an hour.

I was so dumbfounded as to what happened to my lens cap that I questioned my eyes, my sanity, and had been under so much pressure with working at the bank that I emptied out my entire purse once downstairs inside my friends house in front of my friend's cousin, and examined each thing from my purse to be sure I wasn't missing anything, and examined each pocket, and even spoke everything I was doing out loud.
After that, I did the same thing with my camera bag, and felt so entirely nonplussed and befuddled. So, I went upstairs and emptied out my purse yet again, examining each item inside my purse, as I pulled it out, and lined up each item, then checked and rechecked every pocket.

I stood there perplexed and bewildered.
"I KNOW I put it right here. Did I put it somewhere else? I made sure to put it RIGHT HERE."

I searched the park the next day, the road, the sidewalk, everything.
Finally, I gave up looking after a few days, and ordered a new lens cap on Amazon with a leash on it, which also got lost in the mail and arrived late, so I never got it before I moved out of my friend's house in October from abruptly loosing my bank job, and my spouse insistent on me going back with him, ruining my Pirate festival plans on that day...

But, THE day before the Pirate festival stuff started (which was a few days of small events) I had gone out doing some miscellaneous photography in Center City Philadelphia. So, that evening I sat in the subway in center City somewhere beneath the ugly Comcast Center skyscraper, and while waiting for my tarin, I went to pull out my notebook, which I'd used every day, several times per day, when right there on top of my notebook was my lens cap!

I was SO FREAKED OUT by it that my nerves were shot the entire night! COULD NOT SLEEP!

WTF! How did this get here?????

First, I was going mental over it vanishing and disappearing, and then it just suddenly re-appeared out of nowhere!

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