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Bohemian Experiments: The Sarong 001

Bohemian Experiments: The Sarong

I believe I did these in either 2010 or 2011. Nearly ALL of my makeup went mysteriously missing after a wedding photo shoot commission I got in Philadelphia, which was incredibly stressful, and I went over 2 weeks with very little sleep, because I not only had a store in the mall that was contractually obliged to be open EVERY SINGLE DAY, but THE MOMENT I got back my spouse stubbornly decided THAT WAS THE DAY we would get new "wood" floors, and from a cheap-ass local Chinese company, even tho' Empire was having a MAJOR deal at 70% or something off due to the economic crash, and were ACTUALLY REPUTABLE! Oh, and Mercury Retrograde had JUST STARTED.


What was ONLY supposed to take about a day a a half, stretched past 2 weeks, and they even had a Mexican SLAVE. You read that right, a SLAVE. SLAVE! As in SLAVERY! They guy was made to sit outside, IF, and ONLY IF, he brought his own food, meanwhile the prick bosses (a man and a woman) would actually cook their own food, or purchase some, and force him to work, eating and laughing IN FRONT OF HIM, and never offering the slave ANYTHING.

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My husband, became very suspicious of these people after the 3rd day, and began actually cooking food for the SLAVE guy. He said the man worked so hard, didn't speak Chinese, and barely any words in English.

I was NOT a happy person, and at the time, whenever I was at my store, we ACTUALLY had quite a bit of customers, and punk kids. My husband didn't tell me about the SLAVE until it was over, because he was afraid that I would call the cops, and then WE would get in trouble, in his mind, and have to go to court...

The whole thing made me VERY ANGRY, and was like 1 stroke of bad luck, after another. I also had very bad pain in my lower back due to some wrong dance practices that I had totally screwed up, was still dealing with pain from a tubal surgery, and a very very bad foot surgery that dis-aligned my toes.

So, as the summer went on, and after the kid finally had her birthday party, the Girl Scout Party, and Bridging Ceremony, and slammed with Independence Day stuff, I finally began to pick up my camera in mid summer.... after having looking through several kinds of old SLR camera tricks, and photos, I decided I wanted to play around with experiments of my own... even tho' I'd already started to deplete the charge life of my only battery at the time... (I have several batteries now... lesson learned)

I experimented with these of different days, in different rooms, at different times of the day, and also directly TO my computer instead of the memory card, which ACTUALLY looks quite different.

The makeup I had was this REALLY TERRIBLE "smoky eye" thing in some kind of plum color, which looked like a dark brown and pink-ish kinda-sorta purple... it was supposed to be just a 3 step simple thing, bt you could barely ever see anything on the eye, and I did NOT want a black one, since I shy away from too much dark colors, often, unless I'm doing stage makeup (at least back then anyways). Of ALL the makeup that could've gone missing, WHY THIS ONE didn't is beyond me!
Oh, wait- it sucks! That's why! It cakes onto your face, and melts off, and looks awful!
I used to LOVE pretty much everything by Cover Girl, however, I've found in the past 5 years, they often are cheap, miss the mark, and don't preform well on the face, or fall apart... the lipsticks are still fine, which I still have and use, but I HAD to throw that stupid smoky eye thing away.
How did that thing even go into production? It was terrible!

Anyways, if I look like my face isn't very made-up, it's because at the time, I had almost no makeup at all. I had to save up my dollars, and coins, bit by bit, and used coupons to pay for stuff... I also wasn't that great at applying makeup, and still don't think I am, but I think I'm at least somewhat better now....

Also, these were long exposures in low level light, so there will often be some blurring.

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