Thursday, January 7, 2016

Boho Decor Lantern Obsession

I've been obsessed with lanterns for a few years, and wanted some, but just couldn't get my hands on any. None were sold around here, until I found some at Marshall's. I'd been following various Instagram accounts that often posted lanterns, or various blogs, and even had a Boho Decor pin board on Pinterest.

Why was I obsessed w/lanterns? I have no idea. maybe it's a philosopher thing. *shrugs*
Even Diogenes of Sinope had a lantern... but he kinda reminds me of creepy, gross hipsters... bleh...

Maybe it's a Zen thing.... *shrugs* 
I dunno, Zen/Chan masters are weirdos too.... {:-/ 

I used to think they were boring... but, lanterns have become incredibly decorate more & more than ever.

I got these in the fall, and we did have a warm fall, and a pretty warm winter, but we had a cold spell briefly in November, so I brought much of my stuff from my so-called-balcony-on-the first-floor.
Lord & Taylor
These lanterns are made in India, but look like Moroccan lanterns. I got them dirt cheap on clearance at Marshall's. In fact they were even cheaper at checkout than their labels said.
Market UK Brands  - SHOP.COM/Motives Cosmetics/Isotonix
And, then I walked into Pier 1 Imports and saw their lanterns and was CRAZY about their lanterns!

So, I made my spouse get me this little blue lantern! ^_^ 

I just LOVE IT! {:-D 
It even has rhinestones on it! 
^_^ *BEAMS*
Actually, I wanted ALL the lanterns. But, they were supposed to give me free shipping, but they didn't (online) so I couldn't get the medium sized one, and I got the large one on clearance. The shipping was WAY OVER CHARGED, and my lantern BROKE, due to not being packaged right, flaws in the lantern construction and the fastener pins inside weren't fastened, or were missing. And, UPS was ROUGH with it. So, I got it broken. UPS also didn't buzz my door, they just dumped it at my door and ran.

So, I had to call customer service. They actually had good customer service reps, even tho' the process is VERY SLOW. 

They told me to throw out the whole lantern and that they would send me a replacement. Since the replacement was taking FOREVER just to ship out, or ship at all, I threw out the broken glass panes (an cut my finger), and held onto the broken lantern.

Here, you can see the large 25 inch broken lantern with the small lantern lit inside, with a crystal  ("Kissing Krystal") dangling at the top by a candy cane in front of my Christmas tree.

So, finally the Christmas tree came down, so I did a new boho decor arangement by my window with my folding bistro table.

 This is what I came up with. You can see the broken lantern on the side of the bistro table, and the smaller lanterns on top of the table.

Then, my replacement lantern finally ARRIVED! 

Isn't it gorgeous??? ^_^

I did however realize that both lanterns are different. They appear to have been constructed at different factories. The tops are different, the doors are different, and the decorative bits are also different.

Anyways, I quite LOVE THEM BOTH even tho' 1 is broken.

Maybe someday I might had some glass cut for the broken one, but I'm kinda broke now and need to get another job.
I will probably be doing more with these, and some more redecorating also. Maybe I'll pull out my SLR and shoot some better photos also. I shot & edited all of these on my iPhone.

And here are some of my VLOGS about the lanterns (and yes they are long):

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