Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sakura No Makeup Mori Girl 2012

Fitness Republic Corp.These, IMHO, really aren't the greatest photos of me ever, but a number of folks think that are good, and tell me so. "Good" is not the word I would ever use.

Florence Scovel JewelryFor several years since my late 20s I would get seveer sinus, lungs, bronchial, inner ears, and lung infections in winter due to small tonsils, and deviated septum in my sinuses, (I also have asthma) and by the time I was in my 30s I just couldn't heal very well, plus add on poverty and poor nutrition with stress and pressure, plus depression or anxiety.

I was sick when I shot these. It was sometime around the time just before the year I had major surgery... I already forget most of that time.. its a jumble in my head/memory...

It was strapped for time when I shot these. As per typical New England weather i.e. erratic it was supposed to rain this day, and also supposed to be cold, but as I walked to the grocery store ( and probably Starbucks too) carrying my umbrella, I started to sweat. I thought: That's strange... By the time I was walking back home, which wasn't very long, the clouds began breaking up, and the sun came out.

So, I rushed home quickly to get my camera.

I shot all sorts of photos of the sakura/cherry blossoms which were next door to my neighborhood, back when the fence desintagrated and neighbors could freely visit each others' neighborhood happily n unrestricted...

the sky still looked terrible, and I thought at any moment I'd miss my shots, like always... But, the sun pretty much stayed on me the entire time, for the most part... so, I started shooting myself, wishing I'd put my makeup on, and regretting NOT doing it... But, then I had to go because I had some conferences to sit in on, and a number of phone interviews...

Fitness Republic Corp.

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