Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Boho Chic [Sleeveless] Christmas Purple Arden B 006

Lord & Taylor
This Arden B. outfit has 2 pieces: the top was just a tunic, and there was a long sleeved shrug. They sold this either shrug only, tunic only, or you could get them bundled. It was one of those items that just really excited my inner girliness, and was sold at Christmas time around 2004 I think... I've had to repair it several times tho' since it's not the greatest quality... I think I spent like $45 on it back then. My spouse forbid me to get it, but i got in anyway... :-/ If I'd really unrestrained myself, and got the boots they had that year, I woulda really put myself in the whole... alas, no boots for me... What a long time ago that was!

Anyways, when I was shooting this set, at one point I got bold and took off my shrug... I was so self conscious of my arms being flabby, but one of my dance teachers did a comedy burlesque of herself with her flabby arms.... so, that year not only was I trying to tone up my arm,s and not really getting much results, I really started to try testing myself or my self confidence by letting my arms be naked... and this was one such instance of my mustering up the courage...

I actually have flabbier arms now, but I couldn't care less what people think of my arms anymore...
If someone is going to judge me based on my arms, I really wouldn't have any respect for anything they would think nor have to say, since it wouldn't be an opinion that mattered to me at all... there's more to me than my arms, or whatever I look like....

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