Sunday, December 27, 2015

Boho Chic Christmas Purple Arden B 003

Lord & Taylor
In case u were wondering what I'm drinking, or whether I'm drunk.... Sorry. I'm not drunk here. It's just iced tea... I make it a point to NEVER drink & shoot my own work. Because it's just AWFUL! I only shoot SRL when I'm SOBER. I've blogged about it before... and, it's embarrassing.

I think I might've shot some of these when my daughter went to Girl Scouts. I was a total WUSS when the weather was cold, because I had medical problems (deviated septum & weak tonsils) that I eventually got surgery to fix, but due to them I easily could catch a cold, flu, or chronic respiratory infections plus asthma which makes it even worse. But, I'm fine now.

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