Saturday, January 23, 2016

Tribal Fusion Bellydance December 2011 - Day Set With 001

I have gotten more compliments on this specific set of self portraits than ANY OTHER SET I HAVE EVER PRODUCED.

I've been complimented on the MAKEUP the most, but also the earrings, the tribal silver jewelry, the earrings, my photography, my cleavage, my composition, etc.
I think these are probably one of the few things actual pro photographers, whom are generally snobs, would actually talk to me.

People have also asked to use my photos for school projects, or posters, and even did fan art of it, including my friend George, I think TV's Kyle might've doodled some practice sketches of my photography also in his practice sketchbooks. he compulsively sketches a lot. I wish I still did.

As for the makeup, the majority of it is by Maybelline New York, I do have some L'Oreal on (but I hate them), Covergirl, Physician's Formula, and my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, I think I'm also wearing some discontinued Revlon eyeshadow from Walmart I got on clearance, and a Rimmel eyeliner pencil.

The pants are by Melodia.
The earrings are by Charlotte Russe.
The coin bra is by Miss Belly Dance


Some goofed up frames

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