Friday, January 22, 2016

Tribal Fusion Bellydance Test Photos December 2011 - Day Set With 001

These were also some of the test frames. You can see the remote in my hand.

The pants I'm wearing are by Melodia, which are incredibly expensive. I got these on clearance, and they were STILL over $80! Yeesh! Regardless, I LOVED THESE PANTS!

The creator of the pants/company is actually a very nice lady/artist/teacher/blogger, tho'. She's tweeted me several times over the years. I believe she hand makes the items with her heavy duty machines. But, I think most people have worn out their Melodia pants and used the bits to make other things.

These were also pants that I often got questions about like:

I love your pants, where did you get them?
Those pants look awesome! Are they comfortable?
Are those Melodia pants? 
I've never seen purple Melodia pants before! Where did you get those?

Unfortunately, despite being so expensive, the crotch wore out fast, and I had to constantly resew them, until the crotch just totally wore out. The pants only lasted about a year with me trying to patch them up constantly. I even tried sewing on T-Shirt material patched  with a honey comb stitch, but it only kept it together for a little while. I guess it's the organic material with the Lycra or spandex materials.

I wore these in dance practice, yoga classes, and normal inactive days because they were so comfortable.

I used the broken pants to make my boho kaftan.

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