Sunday, July 24, 2016

My DIY Boho Decor Grapevines Wreathe Dreamcatcher

I started this around the end of June/eraly july.

Wild concord grapes grow all over the place in New England, leftover from Pilgrims and Vikings centuries ago.

I built it up over time, until I couldn't safely reach all the grapevines because Virginia creepers took over, and not only they a kind of poison ivy, but I'm HIGHLY allergic to them, and can also spread it by touching people after I've been afflicted with it. I'm actually NOT allergic to regular poison ivy, tho'. *shrugs*

Anyways, some morning glories got mixed in there, because they wouldn;t let go of the grapevines, so I left 'em in. 

I had to let it dry all month.

Then I grabbed all my bits & bobs. I'm Mescalero Apache, but this will be Boho Chic themes, or Gypset, kinda Hippie stuffs.... I used Buddhist mala beads from my many travels in China, Chinese red silk chord for making jade or pearl beading stuff, jade fetishes, and manao yu jade mala beads, and crystal beads.

Pretty tricky stuff!

Then, I put ribbons on it. I have ALL KINDS OF RIBBONS. I got some from Mexico, different grades from China, including silk high grade ones from my mother-in-law from China.

And, I added bits from an old dress my daughter had, that I used to make other things, and had pieces left over from. I still want to add feathers. Need to get some.

I haven't quite figured out how to hang it yet... looking for some stuff to hang it on.

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