Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Boho Chic Balcony Decor Lanterns w Candles n LED Lights (DSLR)

By "Black UniGryphon" Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman 

I shot this last week at night here in New England.

In case you haven;t noticed, or didn't know already, I have this affinity for lanterns. I've liked lanterns for years, but never had the opportunity to ever get some until last year in the fall/autumn when I just happened to walk into Marshall's as nabbed 3 at bargain prices.

Then, I went nutsoid about some lanterns I saw at Pier 1 Imports a few weeks later when I happened to just walk-in over there, and I got a whole set of them in a whole series of events. You can read that story HERE and HERE if you want to.

Anyways, my so-called balcony on the first floor (since it's not really a patio, nor a porch) was something that bugged me since we got this condo. I've been working on it for years trying to do SOMETHING -Nay ANYTHING w/this thing. We used to be allowed to have a grill out there, and we had 3 different ones. But, stupid building admin board is headed by sadists so, no more cooking with fire anymore. *rolls eyes*

I never really thought I liked decor or decorating... until sometimes I find I kinda do... I guess I never realized it...

I still wish I could get a mosquito net and rig that up somehow, and hand stuff from the ceiling... but, hey, that's something I'm trying to work on, penny by penny because poverty blows chunks.

But, this year, I'm actually getting somewhere! This is probably THE CLOSEST I've ever gotten to my vision of what I want.

 These are the 3 lanterns I got from Marshall's. The candles are from the dollar store, the incense & burner is some leftovers from my old store we used to own. The old vintage copper tray was from a yard sale Mr. Wang bought as a gift for me last summer.

There's no real rules for Boho Decor, Boho Style, or Gypset Style. It's generally a mixture of stuff, and many items from your various travels around the world, or various sentimental things, or old objects and a fusion of new things.

I like a mixture of old & new, East & West, often with a whimsical vibe. I like COLOR and vibrancy. I also like mood, ambience, and feeling.

I get more compliments on my so-called balcony on the first floor, that people actually say stuff as they walk by in the parking lot, when I come out the lobby door, or back door exit/entrance, and even when I take walks outside, or at the pool.

Oh, are you the one with that fancy set up on your balcony?  I like that!

Yes, that's me. And thank you.

The above uses a star filter or cross filter, or whatever you wanna call it. It's an old old old school analog trick from the old school SLR days, but I shot these digitally. I can't afford analog film.  

Anyways, I shot most of these manually, but I can't remember which ones. I'm sure if you downloaded and saved the photo the stats are inside the digital image of you know how to look that up on your computer. 

Gorgeous, Right? ^_^ I know! 

And, here's the Instagram versions:

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