Sunday, March 8, 2015

Yoga Mom Mori Girl: A Very Rare Up-Doo [Fog Filter] 001

Here are some the frames from this set when I used the fog filter.

Fog filters used to be incredibly common, but when everything went digital, I noticed many photographers would just use blur effects in graphics software like Photoshop.

Actually, I feel using Photoshop make a different look, since I often use several kind of blur effects myself.

To get this specific look, I'd rather just use the old school fog filter. It's easy, it's simple. it's low-tech, cheap, and saves so much time. Different fog filters have totally different looks to them. I currently only have one, But, I've compared many brands.

It can totally change the mood, look, and feel to a photo, and can even look different depending on the time of day, or season of the year.
Now, I'm noticing them back in use, and the price for them on Amazon has skyrocketed! I guess low-tech can be awesome after all. 

At the time I bought mine in 2012 there really weren't many available, they were just old stock on someone's shelves collecting dust, and wanting to be rid of, and I only paid a few bucks for mine.

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I shot these photos in the most mundane of places: the parking-lot of the condominium. Yet, the mood is anything BUT mundane or bland. There's a mood to the set that differs from the frames without the fog filter.

I like experimenting with all kinds of things.

Here's a cheap one:

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