Friday, March 27, 2015

Emotive Dark Gothic Bohemian Tribal Fusion 001

I want to credit the combination of my sources on this fusion set. I'm naturally VERY DRAWN to fusion arts, including visual arts, dance, and music.

One of my dance teachers, Zoe Jakes, did an instructional video DVD set, and in it she did a demo of how she did her signature stage makeup look. She likes dark and extreme, and darker eye makeup is generally associated with Tribal Fusion Bellydance.

However, I like to add white and/or metallic/silver eye makeup to make my eyes look wider which I use the 1990s Eurodance look from Europe like Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, and is similar to some ballet stage makeup looks. The eyes have a Goth or Gothic look or feel.

I saw my teacher use her extreme dark eye makeup in a bohemian chic shoot by a really popular Californian photographer, Sequoia Emmanuelle, for a clothing company, Black Lotus, made by her friend.

So, not only do I like to support people who's work I like, but also crediting them where the credit is due. I was very inspired by a combination all all of those, plus did my own thing with my own stuff to make it me ME.

These are a mixture of filters.

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