Thursday, March 12, 2015

Yoga Mom Mori Girl: A Very Rare Up-Doo [No Filter]

Here is the same set with the loose Up-doo, but without a filter. 

These photos were shot in 2012. 

Hope you like them.

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Hopefully you might be able to see my makeup here a little better. I'm using the green eyeliner by Rimmel, I think it's the Jungle Green one, but you could find other eyeliners very similar to it anywhere.

I'm wearing orange and gold sheer metallic eyeshadow by Maybelline. The Eyeshadow primer is Primer Potion by Urban Decay.

The mascara is lash Blast by Covergirl.

My Blush is by Physicians' Formula.

And, my lip gloss is by The GAP.

I'm wearing a tear drop shaped cabochon Moonstone which was a gift from my spouse before we were married in Christmas 2001 from the South Shore Plaza in Braintree (South Shore Boston MA). The red chord necklace is beaded with jade, and we sold several of these kinds of necklaces at my old store in Hanover Mall (Mass). The old necklace the moonstone came with broke many times, and restrung until I finally got this necklace which was mounted by my spouse.

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The hair sticks I'm using are pretty old, and I got them at a flea market in Delaware in 1999 when my mom purchased them for me as a gift. You could probably find all kinds of similar hair sticks just like these, or similar, or just use chopsticks.

My Tank top is by Old Navy, and my sports bra is by NIKE.

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