Monday, March 2, 2015

The Purple Bikini My Friend Lindsay Knitted

At the time, I couldn't knit... but my friend Lindsay was really into it. She made this for me. She's a sweetie. I wanted to go to her wedding REALLY BAD last year, but I couldn't. I felt so awful, and I cried when I wrote a message to her husband whom was a long time friend of mind since collage 1999.

I keep having a perpetual delay in a significant amount of fund which have been due me since 2011, and are tied up in international situations tied into finance, and government(s), as well as the new implementations of new financial laws, it's also not one specific thing, but plural. For legal reasons I can't disclose the details, and it would take a long time, because it's both complex, and also got complicated. So, several times I was already told about deadlines, and knew of several parties/individuals whom were already (for lack of a better word) paid theirs, so to speak/write. So, it's been an intense pressure cooker of a life for the past few years... so, I was hoping that I'd have all of the stuff sorted out in time to go to my friends' wedding... but, I couldn't... I'm not usually a wedding person... but, I ACTUALLY wanted to go to THAT one.

The bottom part is sort of wonky, and chafes... but, I did use it a lot when all my bikinis broke, or wore out, and I have used it as just a top.

The neck strap isn't the strongest, because I am large busted D cups... but, I can always manage to fix it back up.

Forever 21 Global BV

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