Monday, March 2, 2015

Photo Fail: This is Why Drinking and Photography Don't Mix

You know how drinking and driving is bad? Yeah, drinking and art'ing is bad too.

I like to drink, but not when I'm doing anything serious, like photography, or art, or need my scruples. I do not understand how so many idiots think that alcohol, or drugs, makes them an artist, because I'm an artist, and I do it sober. When I'm not sober, junk like this happens.

I was enjoying a bottle of some really great wine, a few years ago, and there was a rain for weeks, when randomly the sun just came out. So, I rushed to get my makeup, my camera equipment, and got dressed, and when I was done, these were my frames.

Total crud!

It's not the same as when ur at a party, wedding, out with friends etc... because I generally use a cheaper camera for that, and who cares if they stink? Right?

When I've shot at weddings, I try to avoid drinking, for a while, and accumulate my drinks until everyone is all liquored up. By the end, even if you are lit with alcohol you can still have some sloppy shots whether ur lit or not. It's also better to have a team of people with you, if ur at a wedding.

SO, now you get to see how ghastly & horrific I made myself look. This is probably THE WORST makeup I have EVER DONE. And, I look high... I wasn't, it was just some strong wine.... I think it might've been a Greek one.

You live, you learn.... so, DON'T DO THIS!

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