Sunday, March 8, 2015

Boho Chic Feather Earrings Raver [Indoors] 003

The Ring Light

Lighting and the ring light are actually something I;m still learning, and it's ongoing... I don't always enjoy using auto focus, but when I'm doing self portraits, it must be auto focus.

The ring light changes how the exposure looks, and can often end up being a long or longer exposure, so blurring, and motion blur can happen.

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This was a ring light I bought on Amazon on sale, very cheap. But, I'm also interested in building my own some day. I would like to get some better lighting for photography, but no matter how many times I was saving up to purchase some, something always happened, like they sold out, or I got a flat tire, car accident. lost a job, went out of business, medical expenses, taxes were due...

But, at least I still got a my ring light.

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Regardless, despite these not being the best ever frames ever, the ring light really gives them an eye-catching quality.

Many people claim that powder makeup looks bad in photography, however I've found it to look rather good with the ring light. 

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