Friday, March 6, 2015

Yoga Mom Mori Girl: A Very Rare Up-Doo [Orange Gradient Filter] 002

Here's the rest of the photos from this set made WITH the orange gradient filter (DSLR Photography).

Many kids and young people have asked me to share my stuff like this for their prom or wedding ideas and inspirations.

To all of the folks whom have recently begun following me on Twitter, a big thanks.

I apologize that much of my content I share on their is varied and includes finance "boring stuff" or politics. I don;t plan on that to continue forever, but there's a specific reason as to why I share those, and once that is all wrapped up, hopefully sooner than later, I will most likely be required to remove all of that stuff anyway. if my twitter goes private for a while, it means I'm undergoing legal contractual sensitive stuff...

But, that will be a good thing in the end because I'll have much more options. Sorry to sound cryptic... and don't dig to much into it if you don't want any trouble, like I've been going through. Don't worry. I'm not breaking any laws, in fact I follow them. ;)
If, by any chance, you've liked anything I've shared/published here and you'd like to share your own recreation, interpretations, inspirations, or re-imaginings of stuff I've done, by all means share the link in the comments here or on Google+.

I'm not a snobby grown-up or creepy predator person, so I won't bite off your head, or stalker you. LOL!

Your comments are also welcome.

You can find me all over the internet as "BlackUniGryphon".

House of CB

House of CB

Feel Free to share these blog entries.

I have more from this set coming up without the orange graduated filter.

Hopefully, instead of just looking at pretty stuff, or stuff you like, you might also be learning something, instead of just rotting your brains. XD

if you are interested in purchasing an Orange gradient filter maybe you might want to click the adds I've programed here, into my blog and help a girl make a few pennies.

I've worked very hard to get some good advertisers for this blog, so if you see anything you might like, not only would I appreciate you klicking and giving them your business, but they will appreciate it too.

All of my arts and content are more a labor of love and often done at my own expense, and I do not make much at all, if ever. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate even the smallest penny, because I do.

Share, Like, comment, repost, pass it on, Pin in....
Need a friend? I'm here...

Do you do something similar? Let's connect.

I'm also open to female artists and creative types in the South Shore Greater Boston Area. Want to do photoshoots, creative projects, and you're not a drama spewing diva, let me know.

I'm NOT A RACIST, not a religious crazy person, nor an agenda pushing freakazoid, also not a drug addict. So, as long as you're cool, and aren't bothered by my being a Mom, DON'T HEAR VOICES IN YOUR HEAD, and you'd like to collaborate, maybe we could work something out.

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